September 2000
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September 2000

Volume 5, Issue 1

Safety at Tamworth

Can we remind you that we want to make Tamworth as safe a place as possible.  You can help us by:

  Ensuring that your daughter/son 
   knows the school's Code of
   Conduct and acts upon it.
  Helping them to seek appropriate
   help in school if anything is going
Ensuring that if they cycle to
   school they have a road worthy
   bike/are riding safely/have a
   Cycling Proficiency Certificate.  If
   they walk (at least part of the way)
   to school that they observe road
   safety rules - even when talking/
   with friends.
Checking that only equipment
   which is allowed on the school site
   is brought in.  Time spent by staff
   in confiscating items and in
   contacting you to pick them up is
not spent on teaching.
  Reminding your daughter/son
   about staying on school site if they
   do not have permission to go home
   at lunchtime.  We cannot take
   responsibility for students who are
   out of school without permission.

We assure you that:

  We have a senior member of staff
   on duty in case of safety issues at
   all times.
  We allow all students to 'phone   
    home, with permission, in an
  We operate CCTV cameras both
   inside and outside the building.
   These help us detect intruders
   quickly and also sometimes, I
   regret, to confirm wrong-doing by

We take the safety of the school
community very seriously.  Help us please!

   Sue Williamson

Free School Meals

Please note that from
September the value of a  free school meal token will be 1.36.

Year 8 - The first week


Tamworth Manor has started off well for the Year 8s.  When we first started at Tamworth Manor we all thought that we would get lost because the school was so big.  We have already got used to the different blocks and can find our way around easily.  We are glad that we have chosen to go to Tamworth.  We are enjoying it very much. 

Jade Sinclair and Jessica Amoako

When I first came to Tamworth it was weird.  I had new friends in my class.  At first I could not find my way round the school but my new class friends helped me.  Music is my favourite subject.

Joe Randall

My first 2 weeks at Tamworth were a little bit scary because I didn't know anybody or any teachers.  I also got lost on my way to my first Maths lesson.  After the first week or so it is really easy.  You get to make loads of new friends.  The only thing is you have to get out of bed early in the morning.  The good think is you get to leave school at 3.15 p.m. - most schools end at 3.30 p.m.  I am looking forward to Interactive Week where you get to do Watersports, Disneyworld and other day trips.
Tamworth is a really good school.  You have really good teachers but some can be a little moany when you don't do what you are told.  So stay in their good books.  You also get a lot of homework.

Stacey Woodhouse

The start of this new school has been good but I could have done without the tests at the start of the second week.  I am looking forward to playing in the football team.  I hope we are going to play lots of games.  This school is good and I hope it will get

Year 8 settling in and working together

Our Farewells


A Peer Mentor is a responsible person who will guide, help and support students in Yr. 8.  The relationship will be a confidential one, that will build the Yr. 8 confidence.
This was the definition we, as Peer Mentors, had to meet.  We believe that all the Peer Mentors reached the highest standard.  We are here to help Year 8, as a whole, achieve their full potential at Tamworth Manor Students.
In Year 9 we were trained to be Peer Mentors.  This session went very well as everybody worked hard and co-operated.  We have been introduced to our allocated tutor groups and will now be visiting them on a regular basis, every Friday registration, to help them maintain their progress.
If Year 8's need advice on any issues please feel free to talk to your allocated Peer Mentors.  We will speak on behalf of

We said farewell to:
Ms. Moltoni - Senior Teacher, Crown Woods School
Mrs. Charlton - Senior Teacher, Trinity C/E School
Ms. Taylor - 2nd in English, Waldegrave School
Ms. Williams - Head of English, Brampton Manor
Mrs. Duffin - SENCO Hinchley Wood School
Ms. Abdulla - who is working with the London Borough of Merton
Ms. Spera - i/c  Italian,  Bullers Wood School
Mr. Clarke -who is returning to Australia
Also to Mrs. Stonehill and Mr. Annam

Our Welcomes

We were very honoured to be elected Head Girl and Head Boy to represent Tamworth for the Year 2000-2001.
We are looking forward to taking on the duties which go with this role and will endeavour to support the school by leading by example and providing a positive environment for all students and everyone involved in Tamworth Manor High School.

Charlotte Rumble/Simon Nelson

We welcome the following new staff:
Mrs. Ash - Languages Teacher
Ms. Bailey - Geography Teacher
Mr. May - Art and Graphics Teacher
Mr. Rougeon - 2nd in Languages
Ms. Stanislaus - Senior Teacher -   
Mr. Whelan - Languages Teacher
Ms. Thomas - Youth Worker
Mrs. Shayle - Receptionist/Clerical
Mrs. Walker - Curriculum Area Support 

Comments from Employers regarding Work Experience Students

Katy Loveday - Lonesome First School
'She has been reliable and conscientious.  The children have responded well to her
enthusiasm and interest'

Stacey Coleman - Knowles & Co Solicitors
'Stacey was one of the best work experience placements we have had at the office.  She was very presentable and efficient, had good time keeping and communication skills'

Steven Little - Beecholm House Ltd
'The staff enjoyed having him around Beecholm House - we would be only too pleased to welcome you back to work with us again'

Richard Hart - R.V. Ltd.
'Whatever Richard chooses as his career


Our current Year 11 students completed their Work Experience from 3rd - 14th July.  All students were placed, either by finding their own placement or by Trident.  A huge majority successfully completed their time at work and enjoyed their experience.  Employers were extremely impressed by the students and their views were reflected in some extremely positive and encouraging references.


Mid-day Supervisor required
for one hour a day. 
If you are interested please
contact Pam Young at the School.

Tel:  020 8764 5112
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