June 2000
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Year 11 students went on official study leave on Friday 12 May.   Year 11 was given a brief and final assembly from the Headteacher, Ms Williamson.  Students were served with light refreshments and given time to have their Yearbooks signed by both staff and their peers.  The students were dismissed just before lunchtime.  However, some students became so over-whelmed and left in floods of tears.  The staff were also sad to see them go:  but know we've done our best for them.
A leaving disco was arranged by staff and Mrs Guarino from the TMA following the Record of Achievement presentations.  The students had a really great time!  It was an enjoyable evening for both staff and students.  An evening to remember! 
A special thanks to Mrs Guarino for the organisation of the disco.
Good-bye to a wonderful year group.  Good luck in their examinations and best wishes for a successful future.

Mrs Y Edwards

We were delighted to welcome Mr Malcolm Wicks, the Under Secretary of State for Life Long Learning to present National Records of Achievement to our Year 11 students on 12 May.
The Records of Achievement are documents which are valued by employers and colleges.


Mid-day Supervisor required for one hour a day.
If interested please contact Pam Young at the School.

Tel: 020 8764 5112

June 2000

Volume 4, Issue 4

Youth Club News

Top quality talent on regular display performing at the peak of their skills might be something we've missed from our National football team in recent weeks, but it's something we take for granted at Tamworth Manor Youth Club.
Thanks for a SRB grant the Youth Club has recently purchased a brand new pool table, enabling all our members to express themselves on the plush green baize.  Picture the scene - Mortaza (8 ASd) has declared that he'll take on and thrash anyone.  His boasting awakes the sleeping demon in Mahala (8 ASa) and despite Mortaza sinking all 7 of his red balls, in a flash of chalk dust and colliding yellow enamel Mahala pots all her balls leaving the remaining black tantalisingly close to the middle pocket.  She misses!  A hush descends.  Word of the struggle spreads.  The 5-a-side football game stops, they come in from the cold.  The flurry of table tennis bats is quickly brought to a standstill.  The troupe of all singing all dancing girls led by Sarah (8 JPp) turn off the music, exhausted make their way to the nail biting finale.  The tuck shop is deserted.  What did Mortaza do?  He did a Phil Neville of course!  Missed the ball leaving all his fans distraught.  We won't be waiting two years for the next World Cup, it'll happen again next week. With new projects in the pipeline, the Youth Club is

Much preparation work has already been done on the Christmas 2000 Production.  This will be a modern improvised version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest".  Basic casting has begun and we are going to have a female Prospero!! - we thought of the idea before the professional Theatre did honestly!  Some stunning set designs have been drawn up by Matthew Davies who has already begun to organise his set construction team from fellow students.  The production is open to everyone and anyone just as long as they are enthusiastic, reliable and totally committed.  Students should see Ms Pridham if you have not already signed up!


Students in Year 10 are studying hard for their GCSE exams in Science as the last set of Module Test results show.
The work covered in each module is tested in the form of 30 minute multiple-choice test.  Students make good use of their Revision Guides and some attend revision sessions after school to give them an excellent start in the GCSEs.  These module tests are 25% of the final grade so high test scores can make all the difference!  We are pleased with the
efforts and results of all Year 10 students, but we are especially proud of the following students for their outstanding performances in the High Tier paper:
Robert Adjetey 36/36, 33/36, 33/36 and 34/36 Emma Brewer  35/36, 33/36, 33/36 and 36/36
Richard Kidd 35/36, 29/36, 22/36 and 33/36 Thomas Ogg  32/36. 34/36, 30/36 and 34/36
To achieve above 29/36 in a High Tier paper is the equivalent of an A or A* grade so keep up the good work!  Special congratulations to Adrian Lovett for his score of 30/36 in the Foundation Energy test, also to Earl Valentine for achieving 29/36 in the Foundation Maintenance of Life test.

Ms A Charlton

Fun and Games in Science!

Following the end of SATs in May some Year 9 students designed and made some educational science games. The standard of work was excellent.  Some of the games have been tested out in lessons.  Prizes and Certificates will be awarded to some students.  Watch this space for news in September issue of the

St Anne's School Link

The Drama area has for the third year continued to have a successful link with 2
students.  Philip Townley and Hong Ming Yu have this year worked with 8 ICg.  Both students have made excellent progress, developing their drama skills and building their confidence and social skills.  ICg have given them support and encouragement.  We have all enjoyed hard work, having lots of fun and acquiring new friends. We look forward to working with more St Anne's students next year.

Ms V Pridham

Karate Rules at St Anne's

During March, Stacey Gough and Terry Smewing went to St Anne's to do a Karate lesson with a group of students in class.  There were qualified Karate teachers, and plenty of excited children.  It was a terrific day and we hope to do something like this again.  It was brilliant!


Sunday 25th June 2000
Sunday 16 July 2000
Sunday 24 September 2000


On 12 April 32 students and 4 teachers set off on our journey by coach to Port Leucate, Languedoc in the South of France.  We
travelled overnight and after 21 hours we were really pleased to get there.  When we arrived we had lunch, were allocated our rooms (chalets) and were allowed to do what we wanted and, of course, we did what any holiday maker does on arrival - explore!
The place where we stayed was quite nice.  We were next to a big beach, there was lots to do - tennis, swimming pool, games machines.  The rooms were nice but basic, however, they were freezing cold and every morning when I woke up I dreaded having a shower because when you came out it was freezing!!  Fortunately the warm weather soon warmed us up.
The first day we visited the medieval city of Carcassonne, which I liked very much.  It was a walled city and you could walk around the outside or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, which some students did. There was a huge castle to explore and we were told that it was used in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  If you remember it starred Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman and Christian
The next day we visited Ceret a small market town but it was very busy.  The following day we went to Barcelona in Spain.  I have always wanted to visit this town, it was just like Paris - huge!!  The first stop was New Camp, the football stadium which was the best part of the day.  We were lucky to see football players leaving after training (Figo, Rivaldo, Kluivert, etc).  We were able to get autographs.
On the last day we were able to relax in the town and around the hotel and beach, sunbathing, playing tennis and buying last minute presents.  The trip home did not take as long, thank goodness.  However, I have to tell you, this trip will not be soon forgotten as it was an experience I will never forget.

Georgia Haugh 9 NWs


The core of SAs' Year 9 football team were sent for trials at Wimbledon Football Club who will represent Merton in a National 6-a-side tournament.  The boys had to make their own way to regular Thursday evening sessions at Morden.
I knew we had some talented players, but I'm proud and delighted that all 7 of our trialists were selected to represent the Borough.  Congratulations to the lads - I'm sure they will do us proud.  Those selected were:
Kiamuana Kifu, Shane Clarke, Augustine Owusu-Ansah, Leon Rose,Sachin Patel,
Immanuel Ross and Sean David.
Well done!

Mr S Aldis


Three of our girls have also been selected for the Merton Youth games football squad.  Well done to:
Leigh Gough, Kelly Blackwell, Charlotte Dungworth.


After much hard work we have 11 students through to Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Championships this year.  Five students from Year 10 were selected and six students were called back from last year.
Six students from last year's Wimbledon Ballboys have also been selected to court the subsequent Davis Cup match at Wimbledon.  This is an honour indeed, and has never been offered to students of this school before.
I offer my own, and the whole school's congratulations to all concerned.

Athletics 2000

Tamworth attended the annual Borough Athletics Championships at Wimbledon Park on the 16 May 2000.  We had high hopes of
success after winning the mixed cup several years in a row, and had always competed well in the individual team competitions.
Blessed with pleasant, sunny weather students were determined to do well and we were not disappointed.  All students showed team spirit and there were an array of outstanding performances.  At the end of the day both boys teams, Junior and Inter were narrowly beaten into second place by Wimbledon College.  The Inter girls came 6th and the Junior girls came 3rd which was a tremendous improvement from last year.  Well done to all students who took part, but particularly to the students below:
Borough Champions!
Sadie Remekie 1st Junior girls 100m and High Jump.
Narissa Clarke 1st Junior girls long jump
Shaun Clarke 1st Junior boys triple jump/pole vault
Steven Harding 1st Inter boys 1500m steeplechase.
Strong Performances!
Laura Baker 2nd Junior girls javelin
Leigh Gough 2nd Junior girls shot
Cleo Spargo 2nd Inter girls 1500m
Immanuel Ross 2nd Inter boys 200m
Shaun David 2nd Junior boys 400m
Danny Skilton 2nd Junior boys high jump
Emeka Anikpe 2nd Junior boys shot
Aaron Neil 2nd Inter boys 100m/2nd high jump
Ciaran Anderson 2nd Inter boys 200m
Afolabi Oliver 2nd Inter boys 400m
Louis Lammy 2nd Inter boys pole vault
Chris Baldwin 2nd Inter boys Javelin


Trials were held by the Sports Development Section in Merton to select local young people to represent the Borough in the Times London Mini Marathon.  We were delighted that
Michael Thomas in Year 10 was selected to run on the day.
This was a huge event involving all Boroughs in London and also ten city teams from around the country.  The races are staged over the last 5km of the Flora London Marathon course.
Michael managed to complete the course in 17 minutes.  Well done Michael!

Mrs R May

Tate Modern Art Gallery

Earlier this month the Headteacher and  Ms Hartland attended the Educational preview at the Tate Modern Art Gallery.  We were both inspired by the building itself and the art displayed in the Galleries.  The Galleries contain a wealth of information about modern art and they are extremely well laid out.  I would thoroughly re-commend a visit, whether you are taking GCSE art or not.  Anyone taking GCSE would certainly benefit from seeing the work and I look forward to take our students on school trips sometime in the near future.

Ms S Hartland

Dates For Your Diary
July 3-14 Year 10 Work Experience
July 11 - 14 Years 8/9 Interactive Week
July 20  Last Day of Term
  Mufti Day
September 4        Staff Training
September 5        10.00 a.m. Term begins for      Year 8
September 6  8.45 a.m. Term begins for   Years 9, 10 and 11
October 23-27 Half Term
December 21 Last Day of Term

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