December 2000
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Post 16 Parents' Workshop

On 3rd October 2000 Parents were invited to work with our colleagues from SEARCH (local Careers Service) to learn about the possible qualifications students can study Post 16.
We were made aware of Curriculum 2000 and the new 'A' levels and A/S levels.  In addition the new vocational 'A' levels were discussed.
Many parents were not fully aware of what N.V.Q. and G.N.V.Q. courses require and involve - A great deal of discussion around these topics took place.
Year 11 students are now in the position to be applying for Colleges of Further Education.  They have all had information sessions in Learning for Life about the possible routes they can take. 
We feel it is important that parents too are informed fully and we look forward to next year and an even better attended evening.

Mrs. N. MacLeod

School Uniform

Non uniform jumpers, sweatshirts and fleeces are not to be worn as a replacements for the school jumper.
Please ensure that your child has a school jumper or cardigan ready for the winter.  The School Office has a large stock of these in many sizes at a cost of 16.50 for a jumper and 18.50 for the cardigan.
Please continue to support the
Tamworth Manor School Uniform

Post 16 Evening

Geography Field Trip

A Tour Guide for
Prospective Parents'

On Tuesday, 10th October, our Annual Post 16 Evening was again held. 
14 Colleges of Further Education attended with details of the courses they offer.  Representatives from each College were able to give our students verbal information, College Prospectuses and application forms.
It is now over to the students themselves to read Prospectuses, visit Colleges on their Open Days/Evenings and complete application forms.
Please note:  The earlier your forms are received the sooner your interview and offer of place!

Mrs. N. MacLeod

The day started at 9.15 a.m. at Morden tube station.  We then got the tube to London Bridge and changed onto the Jubilee Line and got off at Canary Wharf Station.
After we were told what we had to do, we went off and surveyed three people to see what they think of the surrounding area e.g. shops and facilities, whether they lived or worked there and how the area could be improved.
After that we got on the Docklands Light Railway and travelled to the London Arena area and surveyed people there to find out what that area was like. 
Then we walked back to Canary Wharf Station to see what the housing is like by the Docks.
We surveyed two areas to compare how much difference there is with one place which has had millions of pounds to make and one which had less

I was very pleased to be chosen as a Tour Guide for the Prospective Parents' Evening.  I was one of 40 students who were chosen from my Year Group and felt proud that I was being given the opportunity to take on such a responsible role.  We had to do some training which involved learning a route and some of the possible questions parents could ask.
The actual evening went very well and I enjoyed taking my tour groups around the school.  I was able to answer all the questions I was asked and explain with enough detail.
My tour group told me how pleased they were with my help and found the evening very positive.

Certificate Presentation

Dates For Your Diary
December  21 Mufti Day
  Last Day of Term
January 3 Spring Term Begins
  Week 'B'
January 4 Parents' Surgery
  3.15 - 6.00 p.m.
January 9 Year 9 Parents' Evening
January 19 INSET Day
January 24 Tutor Group Photographs
January 30 Year 11 Parent's Evening
February 1 Parents' Surgery
  3.15 - 6.00 p.m.
February 7 Academic Tutoring Day
  (Yrs 8, 9, 10)
February 9 Valentines' Disco
  (Yrs. 10, 11)
February 19 - 23 Half Term Holiday

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