May 1999
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Revision on the Internet

  Just a reminder about the BBC  BITESIZE revision service for GCSE revision, the guide has been specially put together in small manageable sections focusing on the areas which examiners reports have shown to be students main points of weakness. Based around TV, books and the Internet.

Also worth checking out is the study web site, which provides useful information for projects, revision etc for all ages. Links to both sites and others are provided on the schools web site cool links and homework help pages.
Keeping in touch
The Alumni page is gradually growing in popularity, it provides a way of keeping in touch with old friends from your school days as well as providing the opportunity for making new ones. Want to find out what Tamworth was like in the 70's, you can do this through the Alumni page. (which members of staff have been here since then?).

N. Shami, Senior Technician

In February, three men came to our science lesson.  They talked about the Merton Millennium Woodland and asked us to help them to grow some oak trees from acorns.  Since then we have been looking after them very well.  We wrote our names on the pots and put them in a safe place.  Every week we look at the pots and water them.  We remove weeds and check the pots carefully for signs that the oak trees are growing.

Lillian Tawiah 8CBe

The Merton Millennium Woodland is being planted at the Sir Joseph Hood playing fields in New Malden from November 1999.  Thousands of saplings will be planted to create a lasting monument to the new millenium.  Many Merton schools are involved in the project and our Year 8 students will not  only be growing some of the oaks but will also be helping Middle and First school pupils to plant their trees.  Tamworth has a long and successful association with tree planting in Merton and we are delighted to be involved with this new project.  For more information on this project, look out for displays in the Science Area and updates in the newsletters.

Alison Charlton, CAH Science

Library News

The multimedia computers in the Library have been given a much needed upgrade. They now perform much faster and we have an increasing number of CDs available for student use.  Why not come in and try some.

R. Mendez, Library Co-ordinator

Recital Evening

1999 Yearbook

Governor's Report:
Teaching of Sex Education at Tamworth Manor High School

Nikki Wooders-Reynolds, Year 11 formed a pop band in the school and named it NIB.  Just three of them play and this line up reminds me of a group from way back called 'Cream'.  This is a difficult combo to play in since when the lead guitar is playing solo, there is only a bass and drum kit to back you up.  The lads worked on an extended repertoire and Nikki offered to perform a recital in Tamworth with his group.  The group members are Nikki Wooders-Reynolds (guitar), Paul Anastasi (bass) and Michael Snell (drums)
The first half of the concert started with the vocal group 'Urban Blue' performing three songs and then the lads came on and performed 'unplugged'.  The second half was plugged in!  NIB performed many numbers including music by Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.  Nikki also included a song of his own which he composed as part of his GCSE coursework.
Well done lads and thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this venture.

I. Craig, Performing Arts CAH

.On 16th March, an open evening was set aside for parents to come and find out how the "delicate" subject of Sex Education is dealt with at Tamworth Manor.
Those parents who found the time to attend were suitably impressed by the sensitive and structured manner in which Sex Education is taught to our children and it enabled that important home/school partnership to be talked about.
We were shown examples of all the booklets, leaflets and videos that are utilised in the responsible way that this subject is taught.  Under the curriculum area Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), our children are taught about the changes that they will undergo whilst teenagers.  There are individually tailored booklets aimed at girls, boys and their parents, so that the subject of "the birds and the bees" can be discussed without embarrassment (particularly of parents!).
Confidential advice is available in the school for any pupil who requests it.  Parents too, can contact the school PSHE Co-ordinator (Mrs.  Nicky MacLeod) and find out how they can help their child (or children) to develop into healthy young adults.
Perhaps the next time a similar evening is
arranged, a lot more parents will attend, as a number of staff gave up their own time for our children.

Margaret Tilcock, Parent Governor

Peer Group

It was pleasing to welcome Louise Kidd, a former Tamworth student now studying at Cambridge University, back to Tamworth. Louise spent an hour with a group of aspiring Year 11 students, talking to them about university life, studying for a degree, the various courses available and how to apply for a place. All the students found the session very informative and encouraging.
We hope to be arranging similar sessions with former Tamworth students from a variety of occupations. The aim is to help our present Tamworth students to understand that they should aim high and have great expectations of themselves.

N. MacLeod, Learning for Life Co-ordinator

Community/Industry Day

All Year 9 students had the opportunity to experience the world of work or help in the community last half term. Half the Year stayed on site and worked in small teams with experts from the world of business and industry. They developed a wide range of skills, especially team building and working with others.
The remainder of the year worked off site in the local community. A group of 15 students went to St. Annes School where they worked alongside students with special educational needs. Several groups did environmental at Farthing Down, Pollards Hill Recreation Ground and at Croham Hurst, working with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers.
The experience was rewarding and enjoyable for everyone concerned.

N. MacLeeod, Learning for Life Co-ordinator

My thanks to all of the students who took part in the Easter Concert.  This year, we included our resident pop group NIB and our talented vocal group, Urban Blue.  Just under one hundred students took part in the concert and items included in the programme varied from a tenor recorder solo to a choir of nearly 60 Year 8 students.
Along with our pop groups, another new idea was to form a small band which included recorder players along with guitar and trumpet.  Our dancers were outstanding and performed very professionally to the music from Godzilla.  We had a tremendous performance from the choir who sang so enthusiastically.  Their performance was based on class work where we learned about voice production and use of accent in vocal music.  Bamalama is always a favourite with Year 8, so we included this as a warm up exercise and then we went on to a song called 'Oh Music' by Doreen Rao performed as a round.  Matthew Davies performed a stunning, 'I'm Reviewing the Situation' from the musical, 'Oliver' and the choir finished with a rousing version of  'Oom Pah Pah'.
Congratulations to all who took part in a very enjoyable evening.

I. Craig, Performing Arts CAH

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