July 1999
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July 1999

Volume 3, Issue 5

Sports Day

Despite one false start due to poor weather.  Sports Day took place on Friday 2nd July.  Teams from Years 9 and 10 competed in fine stvle for the three trophies, demonstrating a very high standard of performance.  During the morning, the field events took place and several new records were established.  After lunch and in front of the whole school. the track events took place.  The determination on the faces of many competitors was quite amazing and the effort put in just to score that one extra point by overtaking another competitor was rewarded with deafening cheers from the spectators.  Sports Day was, without doubt, a most pleasant and exciting occasion and my' congratulations extend to all those who entered into the spirit of the day.

A. Lammas,  Head of PE, Senior Teacher

Wanted - if you are a keen recorder player, please contact Mr Craig about joining a recorder group. We have a very talented player currently in Year 8 who would like to play music with other students. Payal Patel performed the theme tune from 'Titanic' beautifully in our Easter Concert on the tenor recorder. The 350 strong audience were very appreciative of such a musical version on an unusual instrument and Payal would now like to form a recorder group from September.
Mr Craig would also like to hear from any students with good vocal talents. Our Year 8 choir consisted of 60 students in our Easter concert and it would be good to increase the number this year to at least 80. A new idea to be included next year if there are some brave singers out there, is to have a small quartet rehearse songs in parts. If you have the talent, then see Mr Craig straight away.
We now have two Karaoke machines in the Music area so there is the chance for future pop stars to bring in your backing tapes and perform your own favourite types of music and be recorded in our studio. The studio now includes facilities for 8 track recording on reel to reel tape (via a mixing desk), digital multi-track recording on a synthesiser using a computer programme called 'Notator', and these recordings can be mastered onto either cassette so that you can play them on your hi fi at home or onto DAT which makes it very difficult to tell the original from the copy!
Students interested in playing a musical instrument from September need to see Mr Craig for the necessary forms. Before you start playing an instrument, think about this;

  1. Are you keen to become a really good player?
  2. Would you like to play in bands or groups?
  3. Does the idea of playing in

Dates For Your Diary
July 13 - 16 Interactive Week
July 23  Mufti Day & Last    day of term
Sept 2  Term begins for Year 8
Sept 3  Term begins for Years 9,    10 and 11
Sept 15  TMA Meeting
Sept 20  Next Newsletter*
Sept 22  TMA New Parents'    Meeting
Sept 24  Fun Run
Oct 8  School Closure
  Staff Training
Oct 12  Post 16 Evening Yr 11
Oct 18-22 OFSTED Inspection
Oct 25-29 Half Term Holiday
Nov 3  TMA Meeting
Nov 19  School Closure
  Staff  Training
Nov 24  TMA AGM,
  Governors Annual    Parents' Meeting.
  School Production
Nov 25  School  Production
Nov 26  School Closure
  Occasional Day
Nov 30 - Dec 7 Year 11 Mock Exams
Dec 6  Newsletter
Dec 21  Mufti Day and last day    of term

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