January 1999
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...to Leanne Howard-Williams, of Year 9, who will be filming at Chatham and Ealing Studio on the 11th and 12th February. Leanne is playing the part of 'Want'  in 'A Christmas Carol' being filmed by Scrooge Productions Limited.
Sian Wilson of Year 11, who has taken a big step closer to her dream of competing in the Olympics at Judo. Sian has been shortlisted to compete in the Youth Olympic Games this summer. During the last week in March, Sian will be flying off to Orlando, Florida to take part in the Official Olympic Training Camp. Only eight girls were selected from the Judo Elite Squad she trains with every month.
Matthew Davies, of Year 9, for winning 250 for the school in an environmental poster competition run by the borough.

Julie McGrath, the assistant manager from the National Westminster bank in Norbury visited the school on 14 Janurary to run workshops for year 11 GNVQ groups in borrowing money.
Students were first given roles and had to plan their budgets for each month to find out how much money they had spare at the end of each month. Then they were divided into borrowers, banks, building societies, pawn brokers or money lenders.
The borrowers had to find the best deal and were surprised at the difference in interest rates. The school appreciates the support of the bank. They gave our students real life scenarios to consider and we were very impressed with the high quality of the documentation and enthusiasm of Julie.

D. Burke, Whole School Co-ordinator,
World of Work

New Telephone System

Tamworth is having a new telephone system installed during Spring half term. Ultimately, this will make it easier for you to phone the school as we will have more lines available. Please bear with us in the first few days as there may be some teething problems.

C. Williams, Admin Officer

Vikki Phillips, Rebecca Dalton and Sarah Walker Taking part in one of the role play sessions organised by the NatWest Bank.

The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham

Music News

will take place on Thursday lunch times and is absolutely free!  Students interested in vocal work should see Mr Craig about Vocal Club which will take place on Tuesday lunchtimes and our normal band rehearsals take place on Wednesday lunchtimes.  Year 11 homework club takes place on Thursday after school.
Instrumental Lessons
We have noticed that many students have shown an interest in playing a musical instrument.  If you are interested, then you need to see Mr Craig initially.  He will supply you with information about costs and number of lessons per term.  Then you need to talk at home about it.  If this is agreed, then see Mr Craig to obtain a form to take home and fill in.  Mr Craig can then organise your lessons for the term.  Don't leave it if you are interested, see Mr Craig now.
NIB Farewell Concert
NIB will be holding a concert on Friday 26th February in the school hall at 7pm.  Tickets are available from Nikki Wooders-Reynolds or Paul Anastasi in Year 11. Tickets are 2.00 for students and 2.50 for adults.

I. Craig, Head Of Performing Arts

The Clothes Show Live is an annual event which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham every December time.  It attracts in excess of 500,000 visitors.
The latest fashions, trends and styles are all represented, from haute couture, to the high street fashion chains.  Art and design colleges from around the country also sell their courses and the climax of the day is a 'fashion spectacular' in the fashion arena - lights, camera, action!

GCSE Textiles students are encouraged to attend this event to their understanding of fashion, the market, design and style.  They can also gain a deeper understanding of the type of work expected if they decide to further their studies at art/fashion college.

D. Manthey, Textiles

The Student Perspective
On the 9th December 1998 Mr Manthey and Ms Mendez went with a group of Year 10 and 11 students to The Clothes Show Live. We arrived at eleven o'clock at the NEC Birmingham where the event was being held.
Throughout the day we were able to walk around the large halls that were filled with clothes, make up, accessories and a lot of entertainment.
The catwalk show was held in the main auditorium. When everyone had been seated two presenters came out and introduced the show, one of which was Jayne Middlemiss presenter of the Ozone.  The show was made up of different scenes, one of which their sponsors, The British Heart Foundation, had produced with clothes from their shops.  The show brought new and old styles along with new and old music.
The whole day was great fun but very tiring.  Thanks to Mr Manthey and Ms Mendez for taking us.

Jungle Art

In year 10 our first Art project was based on Jungles. We have collected many different resources from a visit to London Zoo, books and from our own resources.
During our visit to London Zoo we collected information on the way animals live and the many types of animals there.  We chose to study animals which are found in jungles and spent our time sketching our ideas and writing up information. We are now coming up to our final piece of work to do with jungles. We are using many different types of materials which show the contrast in texture.
This topic is very enjoyable for us and our fellow students. We were surprised by how much we have learned from this topic.

Helen Rogers and Vikkie Bowdery, Year 10

Interactive Week
1999 Update

Dates For Your Diary
February 6 Work Experience Evening 7pm
February 15-19 Half Term Holiday
February 22 TMA Meeting 6pm
February 23 Year 9 Options Evening 5pm
March 12 School Closure Staff Training
March 15 TMA Meeting 6pm
March 18 Year 9 Community and    Industry Day
March 23-30 Italian Trip
March 24 Easter Concert
March 26 Last day of term (Mufti Day)
April 12  Summer term begins
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