Learning for Life
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Learning for Life


PSHE and Careers Education and Guidance


In Key Stages 3 and 4, Learning for Life is taught for one hour a week. It combines



      Social and Health Education Learning topics

      Careers Education and Guidance


The content covers the cross-curricular themes of



      Health Education

      Industrial and Economic Awareness



In Year 8 an induction module introduces new students to life at Tamworth Manor. It then helps students to develop study skills, self-reliance and an awareness of personal strengths and aptitudes. Other modules explore


      Health and safety

      Family matters

      Crime and its consequences


Year 9 students begin by exploring relationships with other and the course encourages attitudes of mutual support, respect and tolerance.


The main sex education topic is taught in Year 9.


Years 10 and ll cover a wide variety of topics concerned with career choices, work experiences, self-assessment and job applications.


Other topics include:-


      Study skills

      Stress management

      Health education (including drugs and alcohol education)

      Parenting skills

      Rights and responsibilities

      Prejudice and discrimination

      Preparation for driving

      Money management

      Moving out


      Careers Education forms part of Learning for Life. Students need to relate personal strengths and interests on Careers in order to reach decisions about Key Stage 4 options.


      All Year 9 students participate in Industry Day in which teams compete to design and produce products to fulfil a brief and work within a budget.


      Students learn how to use the Career Library and computer databases in order to clarify opportunities and routes available Post-16.


      In Year 10 all students complete a two-week period of Work Experience.


      All students have access to impartial advice from Search, the Career Service.


      In Year 11 there is a Post-16 evening attended by colleges and training agencies.


      In their final year students are presented with a National Record of Achievement.