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Science Year 9


        In the Autumn term you will continue your Key Stage 3 syllabus by completing two of the following modules.


4.            Electricity and Magnetism                   

5.            Green Plants and Environment

6.            Light and Sound                               

7.            Patterns in Animals & Materials.

8.            Reproduction                                      

9.             Earth Resources


        On completion of the Modules you will take a test lasting 45 minutes. The result will indicate the National Curriculum level at which you are working and allow you to assess your progress and set yourself new targets.


The level at which you are working can be worked out as follows:


                                    A score of 30% - 39% Level 3

                                                     40% - 49% Level 4

                                                     50% - 59% Level 5

                                                     60% - 69% Level 6

                                                     70% +         Level 7


        The expected level of attainment for most pupils by the end of Year 8 if Level 5.


        Homework will be set twice a week. If you have two teachers a piece of homework will be set once a week by each teacher.


        You will be issued with a workbook that will be yours to use throughout the year.


        Most of your homework will be set from this book.