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Mathematics – Year 9


In brief:


q       After the test which was carried out in the Summer term, the students have now been placed into a Maths set that suits abilities.


q       You will now continue to extend your knowledge of the subject, as laid out in the national curriculum. You will also keep the same teacher throughout the year.


q       Mathematics is a ‘core subject’. This means that in the Summer term you need to take another test (SAT) because you have reached the end of a level (‘keystage’).


q       The results of this test will show you what progress you are making towards getting a good mark at GCSE. If you work hard throughout the year and keep up with all the work set, you should be well on the way to getting a grade (level) 5 or higher.




q       As in Year 8, the school will provide you with the necessary paper and exercise books. We also have stocks of mathematical equipment, such as protractors and compasses.


q       You, however, will need to provide basic writing implements as a ruler. Another essential item for yon to have is a calculator, since one of your SAT papers will expect you to have one! There are many different types of calculators, so talk to your teacher for advice on which type to get.




q       Depending on what topic you are covering you will use a variety of textbooks throughout the year. Most classes will be issued with textbooks for you to take home. Remember to look after these, and bring them in to lessons when required to do so.


q       At the end of the Spring term, you will start to prepare for the SAT’s. You will be using Letts KS3 Classbooks and past SAT papers to help you do this.


q       You may wish to purchase your own revision books, so talk to your teacher for advice is necessary.




q       You should expect to complete more homework that you did in Year 8. Keep up to date with what you have been set, and remember to learn any new facts.


q       Talk at home about what you have learned, and practise using keywords and vocabulary belonging to each topic.


q       When you revise, ‘flash cards’ and ‘spider diagrams’ will help you to break each topic down into more manageable chunks.




q       Each week, your work will be marked and checked by your teacher. Also, you will have class tests, every half term, approximately. This is to help you check the progress you are making on work covered.


Important (formal) assessments will include:


§         A Practical Investigation       (Nov/Dec)

§         The SAT Tests                (May)

§         Algebraic Investigation        (June)