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English – Year 9


¨      Year 9 will study five units of work, leaving time for pre-SATs revision. These units may be ordered in any way during the year, according to the teacher’s plan and the needs of the class.


Units of Work:


Unit of work

Possible title






“Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry.










Spring term





Magazine making (group) work.

Autumn term



(before option




            Pre GCSE course-

From prose material









Comparative poetry work,



Based on the study of a poet



e.g. Seamus Heaney.



¨      There are three main areas of study in English, En l, 2 and 3. These are assessed according to the schedule below.

¨      The National Curriculum is assessed in levels from 1 to seven.

¨      In Year 8 and 9, pupils would be expected to be scoring between Levels 4-6.


Enl – is your son/daughter’s ability to speak and listen.

En2 – is your son/daughter’s ability to read and understand texts.

En3 – is your son/daughter’s ability to write in various forms.


Year 9 Autumn term English Tests and Assessments.


First half-term:


Enl – speaking and listening assessments in pairs.


En 2/3 – reading and writing test (KAT f) lasting 30 minutes, based on a past paper (l998 SAT section A) one task from section C will be set as homework.


Second half-term:


Coursework / best work for folder.


En 3 – writing test (KAT g) 30 minutes on a past paper (l996 SAT section B) with a similar advert deconstruction as preparation homework.