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Art – Year 9


Course Content:


v     The Art and Design course introduces students to basic drawing, painting and printmaking skills.


The unit of work covered in the autumn term is as follows:


v     Observational drawing – Students will build on the observational skills learnt in year 8. Students will explore a range of different drawing techniques and study the basic elements e.g. Line, colour tone, shape, form, texture and pattern.


v      They will learn how to use these within observational drawing and to experiment with a range of materials.


Learning Activities and Teaching Approaches


Students will have the opportunity to:


v     Learn basic drawing and painting skills.

v     Learn how to use equipment appropriately and safely.

v     Record observations.

v     Research and resource ideas.

v     Be introduced to subject-based vocabulary.

v     Learn about \Art from a range of periods and cultures.




This will be set weekly and will be based on the following activities:


v     Observational work.

v     Research work – collecting pictures/making sketches/using the library to explore the work of artists related to class projects.

v     Evaluating both class and homework.




v     Students will be encouraged to engage in individual, small group and whole glass discussions about the progress of their work.

v     Students will evaluate and self assess their classwork.

v     Staff will mark work and discuss their progress both individually and as a whole class.




A student will be assessed on:


v     Their ability to handle a range of media.

v     Their ability to observe and record information.

v     Their research skills.

v     Their understanding of tasks as well as the work of artists, craftsperson’s and designers.

v     Their ability to discuss and evaluate their work.

v     Their effort.

v     Their organisational skills.

v     Their ability to work both individually and with other students.


Extra Curricular Activities:


Students will have the opportunity to work on there art work at Art Club on Tuesday and Thursday after school.