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SCIENCE Year 8  Autumn


The first year of Key Stage 3 studies has been completed at Middle School.


        Your first half term at Tamworth will be spent studying the basic scientific skills necessary to plan future investigations, obtain evidence, analyse results and draw your own  conclusions.


        Your will be taking part in some CASE lessons. It is a set of activities designed to help you to develop some of the general thinking skills that are required in Science.


        At the end of the half term you will take a Skills test lasting 60 minutes long. The results of the test will help you set appropriate targets for the remainder of the year.


In the second half of the Autumn Term you will begin 2 of the following Modules:-


1          Earth and Spare                                            

2.         On the Move

3.         Energy                                                             

4.          Electricity and Magnetism

5.         Green plants and the Environment                

6.          Light and Sound


On completion of the Modules you will take a test lasting 45 minutes, which will determine your National Curriculum Level.


The expected level of attainment for most pupils by the end of Year 8 is Level 5.


        You will be issued with a workbook that will be yours to use throughout the year.


        Most of your homework will be set from this book and it is your responsibility to bring it to all lessons.