Physical Education
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Physical Education Year 8 Autumn


Students are introduced to a range of activities in the autumn and spring term. Most of the lessons are mixed, however groups are split for winter games. Each activity is studied for eight weeks.





Core Skills



Bleep test (twice a year)

Boys                                     Girls

Football                                 Football

Hockey                                  Hockey

Rugby                                    Netball

X-country (two lessons)




Learning Activities and Teaching approaches


Students are always given the opportunity to work in a variety of situations.


        Individually in pairs and in groups or teams.

        Pupils take an active role in teaching their classmates through leading a warm up or cool down session.

        Through observing performance and through offering help and advice.

        Students are encouraged to learn and improve through discovery.

        Teachers will often use practical demonstrations.

        Students will be introduced to a wide range of rules and regulations in the various sports.




Although PE does not appear on the homework timetable, pupils are sometimes asked to prepare and plan work at home.


        This could be warm up or perhaps preparation for a sequence in gymnastics or dance.

        Students are also asked questions during lessons to research at home.




The nature of the subject means that an emphasis is placed on practical performance.


Students are assessed on the knowledge skills and understanding during each activity and recorded on their individual PE profile.


At key stage three students are expected to work between levels 3  - 7. The majority of students are expected to achieve level 5/6.


Extra Curricular activities


Opportunity is offered to all students to attend clubs and practices. In the winter term these include netball, football, rugby, dance, gymnastics, aerobics, badminton and basketball. Clubs take place during lunch times and after school.


Students also get the opportunity to compete in the national Panathlon competition, Borough leagues and the Surrey Football league. Regular fixtures are held against neighbouring schools.


How can students improve their own learning?


        Be well organised with the correct kit and take part regularly.

        Get involved in extra curricular activities to improve skill level.

        Use the library to read up on individual sports.

        Use the internet to improve knowledge of sporting issues and activities studied.

        Take up a sport in your leisure time.


How can parents help?


        Encourage your son/daughter to participate in PE lessons.

        Be a role model.

        Help your son/daughter to learn skills

        Provide your son/daughter with opportunities to be active.

        Participate in activities together.