Information Technology
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Information Technology – Year 8 – Autumn


Curriculum Organisation:


·        Year 8 start a skills based programme, aimed at covering all the practical requirements of the National Curriculum.


·        The whole emphasis of the programme is to enhance I.T. skills, Word Processing and progress to Desk Top Publishing.


·        We do not aim to teach any particular application. Tasks are directed as what to do rather than how to do it.


·        This philosophy is directed by the inevitable fact that software is often out of date by the time that it is mastered and there may be several valid ways to achieve a required result.


·        We firmly believe that a student who finds an answer to their problem will understand and remember the solution.


As well as developing essential I.T. skills, applicable across the curriculum, we achieve various hidden aims such as:


·        Ability to log onto the network, manage passwords, and appreciate the importance of security.

·        Developing understanding of file naming and saving. Usefulness of file organisation.

·        Familiarity with many curricular applications.

·        Experience of networked CD ROM’s


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Word processing

Desktop Publishing

Vector Based Graphics




Combined Assessment Task





Homework will be set fortnightly and will not require access to a computer.