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French – Year 8 – Autumn


In Year 8 all the students will study French. They will have 3 x 1 hour lessons per week.

·        During the Autumn Term they will use ‘Advantage 2’ as their main textbook. They will initially do some revision on the following topics.


·        Personal identification

·        Numbers 0 – 100

·        Greetings

·        Classroom instructions

·        Days of the week

·        Months of the year


·        The students then continue to develop the four Modern Foreign Language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in the following topics:-


·        The summer holidays

·        Returning home

·        The weather

·        Shopping

·        What is you school like?

·        School subjects

·        Family tree

·        Environment

·        A day at school



Homework will be set twice a week. Students are expected to bring their own bilingual dictionary to lessons.


The students will be assessed at different levels in the fair attainment targets (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and will do end of module tests and vocabulary tests.


·        Please help your children by:

·        Checking your son/daughter’s journal

·        Encouraging your son/daughter to learn and/or revise vocabulary every week.

·        Buy purchasing a small bilingual dictionary