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Key Stage 3


Year 8 – Autumn Term


·        Technical skills – how to make an entrance and ext.


·        Plot


·        Use of props.


·        Character.


·        Theme.


·        Theatrical terms test.





Work may be assessed in any of the following ways:


1.      Oral evaluation by a) the student

                                                 b) peers

                                                 c) teacher

2.      Written evaluation graded by teacher. Results shared with students.


3.      Practical graded by teacher. Results shared with students.


4.      Test (differentiated to test understanding, not literacy).


NB.  Homework may be delivered in written or oral mode.


A high ability student will be able to…


            Give ideas to start the work and develop the ideas of others.


            Play characters, showing detail and understanding.


Use language, space and movement in a realistic and dramatically effective way.


Give reasons why a piece of work is good and say how it might be improved.


An average ability student will be able to…


Make an attempt to give ideas to a group.


            Act out roles but without any great originality.


Show some awareness of language, movement and space but with limited imagination.


Report on work but usually just describe what happened rather than give opinions supported by reasons.


A low ability student will….


            Seldom offer ideas or respond to the ideas offered by others.


            Have poor concentration.


Usually make some attempt to play characters but these will not be believable.


Use language, movement and space in an uncertain, limited or unrealistic way.


Rarely discuss the work in a relevant manner.