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ART Year 8 Autumn


Course Content


The Art and Design course introduces students to basic drawing, painting and printmaking skills.


Units covered are a follows:


Observational drawing Students will explore a range of different drawing techniques and study the basic elements e.g. Line, colour, tone, shape, form, texture and pattern.


They will learn how to use these within observational drawing and to experiment with a range of materials.




Learning Activities and Teaching Approaches


Students will have the opportunity to:


        Learn basic drawing and painting skills

        Learn how to use equipment appropriately and safely

        Record observations

        Research and resource ideas

        Be introduced to subject-based vocabulary

        Learn about Art from a range of periods and cultures




This will be set weekly and will be based on the following activities:


        Observational work

        Research work collecting pictures/making sketches/using the library to explore the work of artists related to class projects.

        Evaluating both class and homework




        Students will be encouraged to engage individual, small group and whole class discussions about the progress of their work.

        Students will evaluate and self assess their classwork.

        Staff will mark students work and discuss their progress both individually and as a whole class.


A student will be assess on:


        Their ability to handle a range of media

        Their ability to observe and record information

        Their research skills

        Their understanding of tasks as well as the work of artists, craftperson's and designers

        Their ability to discuss and evaluate their work

        Their effort

        Their organisational skills

        Their ability to work both individually and with other students


What Students can do to help themselves.


        Listen carefully

        Are prepared to try out lots of different ways of working

        Be prepared to give anything a go

        Do not be afraid of using materials you are not used to

        Use the resources available in the Library, C-D ROMS, books and the inter-net.

Enjoy the subject.