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The OCR Geography Syllabus B Avery Hill (in conjunction with WJEC) GCSE course is offered and assessment is based on 25% coursework and 75% examination.

The four units of study are:

1.      Climate, Environment and People

2.      Water, Landforms and People

3.      Work and Development 

4.      Fieldwork is an essential part of the course.



The GCSE course offered is the SEG Schools History Project. Topics studied are:

q       The History of Medicine.

q       Nazi Germany 1918-45

q       Ireland and Castles (with a special site study and the use of historical sources)

The final GCSE grade is based on a combination of 25% coursework and 75% examination.  

History field-trip to the Tower of London


Religious Education

The OCR Religious Education Syllabus is used as the basis of this GCSE. Christianity and Islam are studied in detail across a series of issues including truth, science, human relationships, conflict, materialism, death and the environment. The final grade is based on an examination.