Expressive Arts
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The Art Area

The Art Area offers a broad course, which includes:

q       drawing

q       textile design

q       printing

q       graphics

q       ceramics

q       sculpture.


In Year 8 the theme is Basic Elements in Art and World Art and in Year 9 they study Art and Artists. Both years are encouraged to develop their creativity and to investigate their work using discussion and evaluation.  

They look at the way artists and crafts people from around the world create pieces of work and are taught how to relate the work of other artists to their own.  

Year 10 and 11 students follow a GCSE course which enables them to continue to work in a variety of media and allows scope for individual interpretations, ideas and methods.



Music and Drama are taught to all students during Key Stage 3. They are encouraged to develop their playing skills and will be given the chance to learn how to play the keyboard, compose music and take part in listening activities within the Music Curriculum.


As students develop their skills, they develop a strong sense of achievement as they gain confidence in performance.


GCSE Music and Drama are both offered at Key Stage 4. Assessment in Music is bases 30% composition, 30% performance, 40% listening examination; Drama included 40% improvisation, 20% written coursework and 40% performance.

 Keyboard Lesson