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The syllabus at Key Stage 3 is based on the National Curriculum. Students develop an awareness for


q       Language as it is used in a variety of different situations.


q       Increase their own skills as writers.


q       Be both creative and analytic.


q       Read a wide variety of materials, both in class and through the use of the Library.


q       Emphasis is placed on basic skills and oral work.


q       Through group and paired work, students learn to develop their communication skills.


q       Homework is set in accordance with school policy and is designed to support, reinforce and extend the work completed in lessons.


Teaching groups are created on a mixed ability basis. Additional help may be provided for those who need it by a Learning Support teacher.


All students work towards GCSE qualifications in both English and English Literature. Media Studies is also taught by English staff. Students are assessed at the end of the course by written examinations and coursework.