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Expectations of Students at Tamworth Manor

            You must be:

1.      In proper uniform (no coats, no trainers) in all classrooms, including tutor bases.

2.      With necessary equipment always brought to school.

3.      With your Journal (which includes timetable and homework timetable).


You must:

l.           Be on time: otherwise you will be detained/sanctioned.

2.        Come into the classroom with work as top priority.


If you do not behave/work:

1.        You will be warned.

2.        You may be:

moved to another seat

spend a few minutes outside

be sent to another teaching room in that curriculum area.

3.        If your behaviour/work is very poor then the On Call teacher will be

sent for.


The Student Journal contains a copy of the Code of Conduct which outlines the responsibilities accepted by students, staff and parents.