Equal Opportunities
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Equal Opportunities

Tamworth Manor is a co-educational, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural school. We believe that all members of the school community have the right to be treated equally by everyone and to receive consideration and courtesy in all personal dealings.

q       At Tamworth Manor we have an Equal Opportunities policy which aims to enable out students to make the most of their abilities.

q       When problems occur, we aim to tackle the difficulty as quickly and effectively as possible.

q       Both boys and girls have equal access to all subjects, and when Option choices are made, students are encouraged to disregard stereotyped ideas about some subjects.

q       Resources and displays around the School are designed to reflect the multi-cultural community of which the School is part.

q       Our Learning Support Team ensured that both long and short term Special Needs are met.

q       Ramps provide access to the school buildings for wheelchair users.

q       We will work with parents to ensure that, as far as possible, their daughter/sonís medical needs are met. Because of the prevalence of Asthma, the school has an Asthma Policy.

q       The school also has a Councillor who spends one day a week in school.