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Contact between home and school


q       Full reports containing comments on all subjects and activities are issued to Parents/Carers each year.

q       Parents are informed of all public examination results and are provided with the appropriate comparative information.

q       The Form Tutor provides an overview of progress details and details of attendance and punctuality.

q       Students are encouraged to assess their own achievements.

q       Reports are also used to produce the National Record of Achievement.


Parents' Evenings


These take place during each year for Parents/Carers top discuss their daughters/sonís progress either with subject teachers or with the Form Tutor.


A special Parentsí Evening is held in the Summer Term for Parents/Carers of students arriving in September, to explain all that is involved in starting at a new school.


We ask that you support your daughter/son by giving Parentsí Evening a high priority.


Interviews at the School

Parents/Carers are always welcome to seek interviews with tutors (normally the first Ďport of callí), Year Co-ordinators and Curriculum Area Heads.


The Head can usually resolve any problems of a serious nature but if you need to, there is a formal complaints procedure available through the school.


Academic Tutoring

q       Once a term students have a meeting with their Tutor specifically to review the progress they have made and to set targets for the next term.


q       A special Academic Tutoring Day is set-aside during the Spring term for an extended interview between the tutor and individual students during which new targets are negotiated.


q       Parents/Carers are invited to attend this meeting.