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Welcome to the Tamworth Manor High School web site. 

If you are already part of our school community then please browse through these pages and leave a comment. If not, we hope you will find out a little about us and make contact in the future!

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Our Mission

To maximise learning and achievement in a community committed to inclusion,

      To work in a coherent and cohesive way, demonstrating leadership.

      To maintain a curriculum which stimulates, motivates and interests students and provides them with maximum entitlement.

      To encourage an ethos of academic achievement and success where all achieve full potential and their aspirations are recognised and achieved.

      To encourage a learning institution where the values of lifelong learning are clear to all.  

      To have socially inclusive and equal opportunity environment in which all are clear of the societal benefits of such a culture.

      To encourage the active participation of our school in the wider community and to prepare young people for subsequent participation as citizens and workers.

      To maintain our underpinning ethos of esteem and respect and understanding for the values and contributions of others.


Contact Information

020 8764 5112
020 8764 7655
Tamworth Manor High School, Wide Way, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 1BP
Electronic mail
General Information: tamworth_manor@hotmail.com